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Several treatment approaches have been shown to be helpful in treating depression in the general population. However, relatively few treatments have been tailored and scientifically proven to address the unique needs of the individual with traumatic brain injury. This section identifies one evidence-based depression treatment that was developed with this individual in mind. As more of these treatments are developed they will be featured here.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury (CBT-TBI)

CBT-TBI uses a type of counseling known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat depression in people with traumatic brain injury. CBT-TBI was studied in a scientific clinical trial and was shown to be promising in this population, particularly the phone-based version.

Results from this trial suggested that CBT-TBI was acceptable and well-tolerated in individuals with TBI. Although further research is warranted, phone-based CBT-TBI holds particular promise for making effective depression treatment available to those who need it.

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