CBT-TBI Implementation

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CBT-TBI Implementation

Participants receive a workbook that includes:

  • educational materials
  • in-session exercises
  • written practice activities

Participant and counselor follow these steps:

  1. Participants are asked to read the relevant workbook chapter prior to each session.
  2. During each session, the counselor follows a specific agenda.
  3. After each session, the counselor mails a personalized follow-up letter describing mutually agreed-upon plans for between-session practice activities.

The 12 counseling sessions are conducted over a 12-16 week period, so the material is presented in smaller portions, more slowly and with greater repetition. Counseling sessions are generally kept to 30-60 minutes to minimize problems with mental fatigue. To ensure continuity between sessions, each encounter begins with a review of issues from the previous session.

For a full review of educational materials, in-session exercises and written practice activities click here.